Hostess Cataloge


Hostess Hospitality

Positioned in strategie point or at the front desk hostesses are mandated to welcome customers and visitors and provide them with any kind of information. Thus they are the first image the company wants to convey.
Their presence inside rooms, retell stores, or other structures (public or private) can have several purposes:

  • Welcome and put customers at ease
  • Accredit, sort and direct visitors
  • Provide basic information on products, services companies and locations
  • Assist and guide visitors in the spaces
  • Offer food and beverages to guests
  • Manage the wardrobe
  • Give out gadgets

Given their representative function it is possible they wear particular brand clothing or wear uniforms that represent the colors or the logo of a company. They therefore have an excellent standing and away to make it eye catching, in addition to their courteous and strong attitudes social relationships. The hostesses reflect the prestige of the brand or the company they represent, therefore, must reflect this completely aesthetically. Far events with international conations there will be a type of hostess who is bound to speak several languages.







Hostess Image

With their “model look”, this kind of hostess have mainly on aesthetic function, there by rendering the client’s image attractive far public’s attention.
They are often required to participate in motor and sports events.








Hostess conference

With great experience and persona/ standing. They are also able to perform heavy organizations risks. The way visitors are greeted, the distribution and information language assistance and providing support are the main tasks that the guest can get from a hostess.    







Young adults and good looking models can be hired far image reasons or for operational and organizational functions.